The atmosphere on the dance floor can make or break your wedding reception, so finding the right Pittsburgh wedding DJ is one of the most important decisions you will make for your big day. Likewise, a Pittsburgh event DJ can play a major role in the success of your corporate events, birthday parties, anniversaries, and more.

You need to find someone who can keep all your guests entertained, and meet all of your needs for music selection. With so many Pittsburgh wedding DJs to choose from, it can be hard to find the best wedding DJ for your special day – but don’t worry!

Need Help Finding a Wedding & Event DJ?

In this guide by Ultimate Entertaining, you’ll learn 10 factors to consider when choosing the right DJ for your occasion.

1. Music

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A DJ is nothing if he does not have the right music for your crowd! What type of music services do they specialize in? Are you looking for a Pittsburgh wedding DJ that plays mainly oldies, or are you interested in someone who primarily specializes in top 40 hits to get your guests dancing on the floor? A good DJ can handle country, pop, hip hop, or anything in between!

Also, is the DJ flexible with music requests and will he take special requests from guests? It’s important to find out the DJ’s specialty before deciding on anything.

2. Personalized

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Pittsburgh wedding DJ services should be uniquely tailored to their clients’ needs. Pittsburgh event DJs are no exception. Pittsburgh wedding DJ services should customize their service to the bride and groom’s preferences, as well as the guests who will be in attendance.

A good Pittsburgh Event DJ can tailor his or her set list at different parts of an evening. For example, they should know which songs work best at dinner time or after midnight.

3. DJ Equipment

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What type of equipment does the Pittsburgh wedding DJ use? A professional DJ uses quality equipment and offers an excellent sound system. To create your perfect playlist for it’s best if the Pittsburgh wedding DJ skillfully uses many different types of equipment such as speakers, microphones, lighting systems, and more. Cross fading between songs is also a huge benefit.

4. Experience

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How many Pittsburgh weddings has the Pittsburgh wedding DJ performed at? It’s important to find out if this Pittsburgh wedding DJ is experienced and knows what they are doing, or if you may have hired someone who still needs more practice!

5. References

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Ask a DJ for references from past clients. What types of clients have received Pittsburgh wedding and event DJ services from them before? This can help determine their style. You want to find a DJ that has experience with the type of event you are planning.

For instance, someone who specializes in weddings over one who caters more to parties. You can also check out Yelp! or Google Reviews to see how past customers felt about this DJ’s service.

6. Insurance/Licensing

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Does your Pittsburgh wedding DJ provide insurance in case anything goes wrong on your big day? Is their license up-to-date with all of the latest requirements by Pennsylvania law? Be sure to check before booking them for your event.

7. Cost

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A Pittsburgh wedding DJ service should not be the most expensive, but you also want to avoid a budget option that is too cheap. After all, there could be a reason their services are so low priced, and it could negatively impact your wedding day!

8. Skills and Knowledge

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A good Pittsburgh wedding DJ will be able to provide helpful suggestions for planning your day from start to finish as well as help with any questions you might have about managing things such as catering, lighting, etc.

They should also know how an event will progress from start time until end time so there are no surprises! Many DJs also need to emcee an event which means they need to have the skills and knowledge necessary for this task.

9. Contract

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Get the DJ’s contract in writing before booking them to ensure you understand all of the terms and conditions. What is their cancellation policy like – what happens if you need to cancel after signing a contract with them? Also, what happens if the Pittsburgh wedding DJ has an emergency and can’t make it on your big day? This should all be spelled out in a contract.

10. Personality

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Some people prefer DJs with an outgoing personality while others want someone who will read the crowd without feeling the need to make themselves heard. It’s best to find a Pittsburgh wedding DJ who has a personality that matches your own so you’re both on the same page about what to expect!

Your Pittsburgh wedding DJ needs to fit into your wedding or event style. You want someone who will act as a natural extension of yourself, not impose an unwanted element on it. Remember that you get what you pay for so don’t skimp because your Pittsburgh wedding DJ is important!

Let Ultimate Entertaining Handle Your DJ Needs!

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If you consider these ten factors when choosing a wedding DJ, you will avert a dance floor disaster! So, who can meet all of your DJ needs and more in Pittsburgh, PA?

Ultimate Entertaining is the preferred DJ service for weddings and events. DJ Sean and his team know just the right mix of jams to keep the dance floor hot! DJ Sean has been serving Pittsburgh and the greater Pittsburgh area for over two decades. He has a lot of experience in weddings with both small and large crowds.

DJ Sean also offers services like uplighting design, emceeing, and ceremony announcement services, so you do not need to worry on your special day! View the Ultimate Entertaining website and find a DJ package that works for you.

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